Nursery - 5th Grade



You can expect to find an inviting, fun and safe environment where kids from nursery through 5th grade are praising God, meeting new friends and learning God’s Word each week! Our Newspring KidMin Team is passionate about helping kids experience God in a way they will never forget while adults have the freedom to worship in main service.



1. If you haven’t done so already, please fill out the pre-registration form. This is so we can plug your child’s info into our system to make checking in a smooth and easy process for you.

2. Check-In for Preschool will be in our Preschool hallway, located through the entrance Lobby and to the left. Check-In for Elementary will be located at the right of the entrance of the Lobby. If you need assistance finding the right place, our Guest Experience team will be there to help!

3. If you are already in our system, please feel free to simply find a available iPad in the Check-In area and enter your phone number. If you have any questions, a Child Check-In Team Member will be there to assist you.

5. To Check your Child out, make sure you have the guardian ticket you received at Check-In. Once service is over, you can head over to the area you checked in, show the teacher your guardian ticket, and the teacher will match it with the child’s label! Then you can receive your child. That is it!


If you have questions about classes for your child, or to plan your family's visit to Newspring, please feel free to reach out to the Children's Director or the Newspring Office!

Michelle Huber |
Newspring Office | 937-748-0957


A fun, interactive environment where we encourage our young ones up to 5 years old to engage with the Bible, God’s Word for their lives, in a meaningful and memorable way! At Newspring Kids, we want our children to experience a relationship with their Creator and Father while building friendships with others their age!

Nursery through Preschool children meet in the Preschool hallway (200’s rooms)


Welcome to Newspring Kids Elementary! At kindergarten up to 5th grade, we worship our Father and delve into God’s Word in a large group setting, allowing our older kids to encourage our younger children in faith and worship! We then utilize a small group setting of grade based classes to create fun interaction and personal connections while further experiencing God in a memorable way!

Kindergarten through 5th grade students meet in the Elementary hallway (100’s rooms).


Middle and High School Students will join adults for worship in the Auditorium on Sunday mornings. We encourage our students to come back on a Wednesday night and connect with Youth as well! Wednesdays at 7 pm


Wednesday Family Night Groups begin at 7:00 pm every Wednesday. Groups for men, women, middle & high school students are also available on Wednesday nights for parents and siblings at 7:00 pm!



Children, both boys and girls, who are ages 3 to 5 join our Rainbows class down the Girls Ministries hallway. The Rainbows’ class is perfectly written to guide our young preschoolers into an early understanding of who Jesus is and what being a Christian looks like.


Once children leave the Rainbows class at kindergarten, they can join either our girls in Girls Ministries or our Newspring boys in Royal Rangers. Girls Ministries and Royal Rangers are both church-based discipleship programs with a long-standing reputation of building tomorrow’s great Christ followers!


Girls Ministries is the kindergarten through 12th grade program for girls at Newspring. This program has a great legacy of godly women coming alongside girls, guiding them on a path to become mature and godly women. Girls Ministries goal is simple…to see every girl moving toward a deep relationship with Jesus Christ, and to realize her importance and potential in the kingdom of God.

Girls Ministries kindergarten through the 5th grade girls meet in the Elementary hallway (100’s rooms). Check-In at the Elementary hallway.

Girls Ministries 6th grade through 12th grade girls meet at a location/time/day best suiting teacher and students to allow for youth group participation on Wednesday evenings.

For more information on Girls Ministries, visit:


Royal Rangers is the kindergarten through 12th grade program for boys at Newspring. This program is an activity-based, small-group ministry for boys and young men with a mission to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders. Royal Rangers brings together men and boys of all ages around activities of common interest.

Royal Rangers kindergarten through 5th grade boys meet in the 300’s hallway (300’s rooms). Check-In at Elementary hallway.

Royal Rangers 6th grade through 12th grade boys meet at a location/time/day best suiting teacher and students to allow for youth group participation on Wednesday evenings.

For more information on Royal Rangers, visit:


Hello! My name is Michelle Huber, Children’s Ministry Director at Newspring. Simply put, I love kids and I love God and His Word! As a result, I love pouring God’s Word into the hearts of children, leading them into a deeper relationship with their Creator and Savior! My passion is to create lifelong dedicated Christ-followers and to see them filled and empowered with the Holy Spirit! In my life, I have been blessed to have many speak God’s truth and love into my life. I seek to pass that blessing along to the next generation.
In 2007, I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts in French, emphasis in French literature and linguistics with a minor in History and studies in the Spanish language. I am also a TESOL Certified ESL teacher. I truly do appreciate culture and history. After my studies, I took a break from my job and became mom to three children, now ages thirteen, ten and eight. When my youngest son became a preschooler, I went back to work as a preschool teacher, a position I’ve now held for four years. In addition to leading children’s ministry at Newspring and teaching four and five year old preschoolers, I am a swim instructor for preschool aged children at our local YMCA and very sparingly teach ESL to Chinese students abroad via online. For the last five years, I have led our Newspring Girls Ministries Stars group of third through fifth grade girls on Wednesday evenings. Then as a mom, my work with children spans into volunteering in the classroom and leading our PTO board. I have always found opportunities to work with children from my middle school years throughout my adult life and thoroughly love seeing the excitement and expressions of children, especially when they are learning!
I’m honored to teach your children about God and about His Son, Jesus who saved them from their sins! Thank you for letting me be apart of their journey in learning more about who Jesus is and who they are as God’s creation!
“We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about His power and His mighty works.” Psalm 78:4

Michelle Huber

Children's Director